3 Heartfelt Spreading Ashes Ceremony Ideas After A Cremation

Posted on February 3, 2023 by Maine Cremation Care under Mourning
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The spreading of ashes ceremony is an ancient ritual that has been practiced for centuries to pay respects and honor the deceased. It can also be an incredibly meaningful experience for those who are grieving, providing them with closure and solace. Here are some tips from Maine Cremation Care in Gorham, Maine on making the most out of your spreading of ashes ceremony.

Choose A Location For The Spreading Ashes Ceremony

The first step in planning a spreading ashes ceremony is to decide where you would like the ceremony to take place. This can be anywhere that was special to your loved one or somewhere that has significance to you and your family. Once you have decided on the location, keep in mind you may need to obtain a permit if the ceremony will be taking place in a public space. 

Ceremony Location Ideas 

  • Your loved one’s home
  • Public garden
  • Local lake or beach
  • Public park
  • Family camp or summer home
  • On top of a mountain 
  • Your loved one’s favorite place


If you are interested in scattering at a location that’s public property, it is recommended that you check with city or county offices to find out if it is permitted at this location and if any local regulations are in place.

Plan The Details

Taking some time to plan out the details of the spreading ashes ceremony beforehand will help ensure that the day goes smoothly and according to plan.

Prepare The Cremains

Preparing your loved one’s cremains for scattering is important to make sure the cremains are handled with care and respect during this special occasion. Before you begin, purchase a scattering urn suitable for the ceremony. This will ensure that cremains are safely held while they’re transported and scattered at their intended destination. Next, gently fill the urn with cremains no more than two-thirds full. It’s best to use a scoop or spoon meant specifically for cremains so that nothing interferes with the scattering process. Lastly, close the urn securely and attach any identifying tags if necessary before transporting it to create lasting memories for those involved in the ceremony.

Invite friends and Family 

Once you have chosen the location, it’s time to start thinking about who you would like to invite to the ceremony. This could be just immediate family, close friends, or anyone else who you think would like to attend who knew and cared about your loved one deeply. Keep in mind that the more people who attend, the more difficult it may be to keep the ceremony intimate.

Choose Readings & Music

Choosing readings and music for your spreading of ashes ceremony can add an extra layer of meaning and beauty to the event. When selecting readings, consider choosing passages that were meaningful or special to your loved one or passages that reflect their beliefs or values. As far as music goes, look for songs that evoke feelings of joy or peace – songs that remind everyone participating why it is so important we remember our lost loved ones with love and joy rather than sadness or grief.

Conducting The Ceremony

The spreading ashes ceremony honoring your loved one will be a healing and special moment for you and your loved ones. The most important aspect of the ceremony is taking the time to honor the deceased. Just like there is no right or wrong way to grieve, there is no right or wrong way to hold a spreading ashes ceremony. 

Pay Your Respects 

When you are ready, begin by saying a few words about your loved one and why this location is significant to them (or to you). You can share memories and stories or simply express how much you miss them. Then, when you are ready, dig a small hole in the ground and gently pour out some of the ashes. You may want to say something as you do so, such as “I love you” or “Rest in peace.” If you are hand scattering the ashes (the casting method), use your hands or the scattering urn to spread the cremains throughout the location. Repeat this until all of the ashes have been scattered.


Once all of the ashes have been scattered, take a moment to reflect on your loved one and what they meant to you. You may want to leave behind a small memento at the site, such as a flower, their favorite book, or a picture of them. This can be something that brings you comfort when you visit the site in future years.


Planning A Spreading Ashes Ceremony? Contact Maine Cremation Care Today 

Spreading ashes ceremonies are one way for families and friends alike to honor those who have passed away in an intimate yet respectful setting. It’s important that those who plan on attending know about it beforehand so everyone can come together in peace and reflection to properly grieve their loss while celebrating their loved one’s life at the same time. By following these tips, you can ensure that your next spreading ashes ceremony will be meaningful and healing. 


Are you planning a spreading ashes ceremony for your loved one? Maine Cremation Care takes pride in helping grieving families throughout Maine create healing and meaningful memorials for their loved ones. Take a look at pages 55-57 of our urns and keepsakes catalog to find beautiful scattering urns for your ceremony. As always, we welcome you to contact our 24/7 phone number with any questions you may have. 

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