Burying Cremated Remains in a Cemetery

Posted on April 1, 2022 by Maine Cremation Care under Memorial
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While cremation is becoming an increasingly popular choice for memorialization, many people still prefer the serenity and closure of a cemetery. Sometimes, a spouse or a loved one has already passed away and had a traditional burial. Other times, it’s simply because there is a family cemetery where generations of the same family have been laid to rest. Hence, people want to bury the cremated remains of their loved ones in a cemetery. 

If you are someone planning to bury the cremated remains of your loved one in a cemetery, this post is for you. Here, we look at some of the possible cemetery options where you can bury the remains of your loved ones. Let’s get started. 

Cemetery Options for Burying the Cremated Remains in a Cemetery

Once you decide to bury the cremated remains of your loved one in a cemetery, there are a few options that you should know before you choose. Some of these options include the following: 

  • Placing the cremated remains in a modern-day columbarium, 
  • Burying the remains in a traditional cemetery, and 
  • Burying the remains in an urn garden. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of these options. 

Placing the Cremated Remains in a Modern-Day Columbarium

Columbariums are becoming an increasingly popular choice for burying the cremated remains of your loved ones. They are an above-ground building that holds the cremated remains by featuring small wall spaces called niches. Each niche is about the size of an urn so that it can hold a single urn. While each niche is designed to hold a single urn, you can purchase a group of niches together so they can house multiple urns. 

Once your turn in your urn into the columbarium, a plaque is placed outside the niche identifying the individual’s name whose remains are interred inside the niche. While a columbarium is slightly different from burying the remains in a cemetery, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice as it allows you to place your loved one’s remains at a safe and convenient location. 

Burying the Remains in a Traditional Cemetery

The most traditional form of burying cremated remains in a cemetery is often burying a casket into a burial plot. Many families choose to buy more than one plot or family plot so that they can bury their loved ones together. These plots also give you an opportunity to bury the cremated remains. 

To bury the cremated remains, you have to purchase a container for the cremains, as well as a plot. Once you bury the cremains in a preferred casket which is then placed into the plot, you can place a headstone or a flat market depending on the cemetery that contains a name and details of whose remains are placed into the casket.

Buying a Space for Cremated Remains

If you choose to bury the remains in a traditional cemetery, you may have to purchase a plot (grave) in the cemetery. However, since cremated remains are much smaller than an average dead body, most cemeteries will allow for the urns or cremated remains of multiple people to be buried in the same plot. However, along with an urn, you will also need an urn vault used to support the soil around the urn and ensure that the urn doesn’t collapse. 

Burying the Remains in an Urn Garden

An increasing number of cemeteries are now introducing urn gardens, which are often accompanied by scattering gardens. While some urn gardens are typically smaller landscaped plots in a certain dedicated part of a cemetery, you can also find other more elaborate urn gardens that allow you to inter the cremated remains of your loved one in the landscape more intricately. These urn gardens give you an option of interring the remains into a bench, a fountain or any other landscape element.

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