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Posted on March 5, 2022 by Maine Cremation Care under Cremation Process
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Cremation is becoming increasingly popular for individuals and families looking for an affordable alternative to a traditional burial. However, for most individuals, the death of a loved one isn’t something that they experience often. 

Therefore, there are several questions that people may have about cremation. We at Maine Cremation Care would like to help you better understand the cremation process by providing you with answers to the most common questions about cremation. Let’s get started. 

What Is Cremation?

Cremation is a process that allows you to reduce your dead loved one’s body to ashes and bone fragments with the use of intense heat. Once the cremation service provider receives the dead body, they typically clean and prepare it for the process and place it in a wooden casket, then place it into the heating chamber. The heating process continues for around two to four hours. Following the heating process, the cremated remains are ground to a granular texture and are then handed over to the deceased’s family.

How Much Does Cremation Cost?

You can expect the cremation service cost to range between $700 and $1,400; however, the exact cost depends upon the region. When you are not directly dealing with the cremation company, and your chosen funeral home uses a third-party crematory, you can expect the cremation charges to range between $250 and $400. However, make sure to check if the cremation charges are included in the quoted price for the cremation or do you have to pay for them separately. 

How Do I Choose the Right Cremation Provider?

There are countless cremation providers throughout the state. However, selecting a reliable cremation provider is essential. When looking for a cremation service provider, make sure you do some research before signing an agreement. Moreover, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask any questions about the facility and the process and only work with the cremation service provider that provides you with satisfactory answers about the process and procedures. 

If you feel pressured or uneasy with the staff, then maybe you need to look for another cremation service company. 

Can My Loved Ones View the Cremation?

Many cremation service providers offer the choice for families of the deceased to witness the cremation process of their loved ones. This often includes viewing the dead body when it is moved into the cremation chamber. However, since the viewing policies and procedures may vary with the state, it’s best to ask your cremation service provider about the viewing policies. 

How Is the Dead Body Prepared For the Cremation Process?

Before the cremation process, the body is cleaned. The body may also be embalmed. Moreover, all medical devices and jewelry are removed from the body before cremation.

Do I Need a Casket for Cremation?

If you choose to view the body before cremation, many cremation service providers will offer a rented casket to place your loved one’s dead body in for a viewing, making a cost-effective solution. However, before the cremation process, the body is placed in a casket made from combustible materials, such as cardboard or wood, and the body remains in this container during the cremation process. 

Do I Get The Cremated Ashes Back?

Yes! When you sign up for an arrangement with a cremation service provider, they require you to fill out a form that asks you about where and you want your loved one’s ashes to be returned. While the process typically takes a few working days, you can expect to receive the cremated ashes. 

Do We Have to Buy an Urn From the Cremation Provider?

An urn is a rounded container typically used to store the ashes of a cremated person. You don’t have to use any of the urns offered by the cremation provider if there’s another one you want to use.  If you do have a different urn you want to use, it’s best to provide it before cremation to avoid having to purchase an interim vessel.

What Can I Do With the Remains?

Once you get the remains, you have a wide range of choices of what you can do with them. You can place them in a columbarium or bury them in a cemetery. Some cemeteries have a designated section for urns and may allow two or three containers in an adult-size grave. Apart from burial in the cemetery, you can also bury the remains on your own land or on another’s property with the owner’s permission. You can also scatter the remains on land and sea, or you can also choose to keep them at home forever. 


Cremation has gained increasing popularity over the past few decades as a growing number of people now understand its benefits. The process is not only more affordable but is also environmentally friendly. With Maine Cremation Care, you can make the process easier as we address your questions, facilitate the paperwork and ensure that the cremation of your loved one is carried out with the utmost care and dignity. To find out more about cremation, get in touch with us today. 

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