Explore Eco-Friendly Urn Options For Maine Summer Memorials

Posted on July 16, 2023 by Maine Cremation Care under Memorial Urns
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As we become increasingly aware of the environmental impact of our choices, it’s no surprise that the demand for eco-friendly alternatives has extended to the realm of cremation memorials.

If you’re preparing a memorial for a lost loved one this summer, consider the significance of choosing an eco-friendly urn option. In this blog post from Maine Cremation Care in Gorham, Maine, we’ll dive into the benefits of eco-friendly urns and explore a range of beautiful and sustainable options for your summer memorial. 


The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Urns 

Traditional, non eco-friendly urn materials such as metals and plastics can take years, if not centuries, to decompose fully, leaving a lasting impact on our planet. By choosing eco-friendly urns, you can make a positive impact by preserving our precious natural resources and minimizing your carbon footprint. These sustainable choices allow us to honor our loved ones while also nurturing the world we inhabit.


Types of Eco-Friendly Urns for Summer Memorials

Keep reading to explore eco-friendly urn options, all of which are available at Maine Cremation Care. 


Biodegradable Urns

Biodegradable urns are crafted from various materials, including recycled paper, biodegradable gelatin, tree bark, and bamboo. These urns are designed to decompose over time, allowing the circle of life to continue. Biodegradable gelatin urns are an ideal choice for summer memorials, as they seamlessly blend with the beauty of outdoor settings. Biodegradable gelatin urns provide durable, environmentally friendly options, while recycled paper urns offer a lightweight alternative. 


Tree Urns

For those seeking a profound connection with nature, tree urns provide a beautiful and meaningful option. These urns enable you to transform the ashes into nutrients that nourish a tree or plant. As the living memorial grows and flourishes, it serves as a living tribute to your loved one’s memory, symbolizing the beauty of life’s ongoing journey. Aside from being environmentally safe, tree urns are also an extremely affordable option compared to traditional urns.  Maine Cremation Care is proud to carry both The Living Urn and Journey Urns brands, which can be found in our urns & keepsakes catalog. 


Water Urns

Water urns offer a unique way to honor your loved ones near bodies of water. These urns are crafted to dissolve and gently release the ashes into the water, symbolizing a peaceful and serene transition. They create a profound connection between the earthly and the aquatic realms, allowing your loved one’s spirit to flow freely, forever united with the eternal rhythm of the water. Water urns come in various designs, such as floating urns or biodegradable urns specifically made for water burials, providing a fitting tribute for summer memorials by the shore or on lakes.


Things To Consider When Choosing an Eco-Friendly Urn 

When selecting an eco-friendly urn for a summer memorial, it’s important to consider personal preference, as the urn should reflect your loved one’s unique personality and interests. The location of your memorial will also guide your decision. For beach memorials, biodegradable gelatin urns or water urns may be the best choice, while tree urns are a better option for forest, garden, or park settings. 


Supporting Sustainability Beyond Urn Choices

While selecting eco-friendly urns is a significant step toward sustainability, you can further promote environmental consciousness in your memorial planning. Consider digital memorials, which reduce paper waste and can be easily shared with loved ones near and far. Explore ways to minimize the environmental impact during ceremonies, such as using recyclable materials for decorations or opting for locally sourced flowers. By embracing sustainability, you can create a meaningful and eco-conscious tribute to your loved one’s memory.


Eco-Friendly Urns At Maine Cremation Care

At Maine Cremation Care, we understand the importance of eco-friendly options for honoring your loved ones. We offer a wide range of beautiful and sustainable urns to choose from. Our collection includes options made from biodegradable gelatin, Himalayan rock salt, recycled paper, tree bark, bamboo, and more. We also carry The Living Urn and Journey Urns brands, which allow you to grow a memorial tree or plant from your loved ones’ ashes. To learn more about our eco-friendly urn options, please feel free to browse pages 43-47 of our uns & keepsakes catalog. 


By choosing eco-friendly alternatives, you can ensure that your memorial is not only a beautiful tribute but also a sustainable legacy. Let us use this opportunity to honor our loved ones while preserving the beauty of our planet for generations. As always, we welcome you to contact our 24/7 phone number with any questions you may have. 


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