The Crematory Process: Behind The Scenes of Cremation

Posted on April 12, 2022 by Maine Cremation Care under Cremation Process
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Cremation has been around for quite some time (around 2,000 years!), yet it remains a mystery to many individuals. While some of you may have a good idea of what goes on during the crematory process, this post is for you if you are not familiar with it. 

Here, we share the details of the crematory process so you can learn on the crematory process works and decide on an end-of-life choice for yourself and your close loved ones. So let’s get started. 


A lot of preparation goes into planning before the actual crematory process occurs. For cremation service providers, it is extremely important to maintain the identity of the deceased so well before the process actually begins. The cremation service provider will ensure that the authorization has been completed and the body is properly identified. 

Moreover, before the cremation process starts, the service provider will prepare the body for cremation. The preparation typically involves thoroughly cleaning the deceased and removing any medical devices such as prostheses and pacemakers. Furthermore, any jewellery is also removed. 

Some cremation service providers also embalm the body. Embalming refers to the process of preserving a dead body using specialist embalming solutions into the body, which help delay the natural effects of death. Embalming is typically performed when family members want to view the body before cremation.

All these preparatory steps are taken by trained cremation staff, and once the body is ready, the trained staff will then place the body inside a cremation casket.

The Final Good-Bye

The body is placed into a casket that is free from metal. Typically, cremation caskets are made from cardboard or any other combustible material. You can also find crematory caskets made solely from wood. 

Once the body is placed into the casket, some cremation providers offer the facilities that allow your close loved ones to witness the crematory process. However, not all cremation service providers may offer the facility. 

For cremation service providers that offer the facility to say final goodbyes to the deceased loved ones, they offer a comfortable cremation room that is available for family members to gather and meet their loved one for one last time. 

In some cases, you will be able to see the casket placed outside a small metal door where a family member may be requested to push the button to start the cremation process. 

Once you press the button, a door will open that will give you a glimpse of flames surrounding the casket. However, the door will be closed quickly as soon as the wooden casket is rolled inside. 

While some families prefer to be at the crematory facility during the cremation process, not everyone may choose to stay. 

The Crematory Process 

Once the casket is rolled into the heating chamber, it experiences a high temperature that may reach up to 2,000 degrees, and the casket is exposed to this temperature for around two to four hours. 

Once the cremation process is complete, the crematory remains are allowed to cool down before moving on to the next step of the process.

Preparing the Crematory Remains 

Unlike what many people may assume, the cremation process doesn’t leave the body remains in ashes. There is another process in between that gathers the remains inside a cremator and grinds them into a consistent texture.

Sending the Remains to the Family 

While the actual cremation stage takes a few hours, the complete process may take a few working days. Once the process is complete, the cremation service providers will place the remains inside a box. You may also send your containers or choose to purchase urns of your choice from cremation service providers, as most of them offer several varieties of urns that you can choose to gather the remains of your deceased loved ones. 

The ashes are then sent to the family members. You can expect your deceased loved one’s body to be converted into 10-12 cups of remains that are coarse and have sand-like appearance. 

At Maine Cremation Care, we offer cremation services that are designed to complete the cremation process with care and diligence to make it seamless for you and your family. To learn more about Maine Cremation Care, get in touch with us today. 


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