What Is Direct Cremation?

Posted on May 5, 2022 by Maine Cremation Care under Cremation Process
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A direct cremation is the most fundamental type of cremation that does not have a funeral service. It does not include a ceremony and has no attendees. In a direct cremation, your loved one is collected, and the cremation takes place without any witnesses. Then, the crematorium returns the ashes to you in a plastic urn. Direct cremation is the most affordable form of cremation offered by most crematoriums. 

What Is a Direct Cremation and How Does It Work? 

A direct cremation is a term used for the simplest and quickest type of cremation available. It’s also known as a basic cremation, simple cremation, or cremation without a ceremony. After the individual’s death, the body goes straight to the crematorium to be cremated in a plain coffin. After the process, the remains are returned to the loved ones. 

However, before the cremation takes place, you need to fill out some paperwork. After that, the family does not have the option to attend the cremation, which is typically held at a time suitable to the crematorium director. You can have the ashes returned to you in a decorative urn if you want. Alternatively, you can go to the crematorium to pick up the ashes. 

The entire process will take between one or two weeks, depending on the efficiency of the crematorium and the registration of the death. 

The Benefits of Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is steadily gaining popularity across the country due to the following reasons:


The average cost of direct cremation is $2,300, which is significantly less compared to the cost of a cremation with a ceremony and witnesses, which can be around $6,000. So, direct cremation appeals to those who cannot afford a traditional cremation or funeral service and all the attached paraphernalia. 


Direct cremation offers you the flexibility to arrange a memorial service independent of the cremation. You can spend as much or as little as you can on the ceremony. Moreover, when a loved one dies abroad, this type of cremation offers you the opportunity to save on transporting the body back home, something that many families cannot afford. You can have the body cremated in direct cremation and have the remains transferred back home. 

Direct cremation is certainly more effortless and environmentally friendly. It’s because you have no service or ceremony to organize, people don’t have to expend fuel to reach the crematorium, and everyone can pay their respects to the deceased from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, with a direct cremation service, you can make all the arrangements online. 

No time Constraints

If you opt for direct cremation, you don’t have to face any time constraints. Unlike traditional funerals, in which you have to have the funeral soon after the death, a direct cremation enables the loved ones of the deceased to mourn their death and have a memorial service when they are ready. 

They have the time to prepare for the service and make the necessary arrangements without rushing through things. It’s because you will have the ashes of the deceased in an urn, and you can take the time to decide what you want to do with them and how you want to honor your loved one. 


How Much Does a Direct Cremation Cost?

Direct cremation is inarguably more affordable than other types of burials and cremation processes. The average cost of a direct cremation in the United States is $2,300. However, the cost of cremation might vary and can be even less than $1,000 in some states and cities. It will also vary based on everything included in the cremation package, such as the collection of the body, paperwork, cremation urn, cremation process, return of the cremains, etc.  

Is Direct Cremation the Right Option for You?

So, now that you know what direction cremation is, it’s only fair to wonder whether it’s the right fit for you or not. The answer lies in your priorities and needs. If you are looking for an affordable, no-hassle, flexible way to say goodbye to your deceased loved one, and you don’t want a traditional funeral service or memorial for them, then direct cremation is the way to go. 


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