Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it be before my loved one's cremated remains are available? 
    Your loved one’s cremated remains are generally available within 3-5 business days after their death. We are legally required to wait 48 hours before we facilitate the cremation; receiving cremated remains generally takes a day or two following cremation.

  • Where does my loved one’s cremation take place?
    Maine is one of the few states in the country where death care providers are not allowed to own their own crematories. As a result, all death care providers must use a third-party crematory. We use the Lighthouse Crematory located in Freeport. 

  • Am I able to be present for my loved one’s cremation?
    Yes, there is a fee from the Crematory but if you would like the opportunity to be present with your loved one at the crematory that option is available.
  • Am I able to view my loved one before their cremation takes place?
    Private viewings is not a service Maine Cremation Care offers. However, most nursing homes and hospitals will allow all family to view their loved one at their facility. Some actually have a special room where this takes place.

  • Is Maine Cremation Care corporately owned?
    Absolutely not! Although it is common for direct cremation providers to be corporately owned, Maine Cremation Care is Independently Owned and Operated by Eric Segee, a funeral director that resides in Cumberland County. 

  • Will Maine Cremation Care fill an urn or other cremation product not purchased from us?
    Yes. However, there is a $25 charge per item to be filled.

  • Do you transport multiple people to the crematory at once?
    Absolutely not! Although this is a common practice for direct cremation companies, allowing them lower costs; Maine Cremation Care pledges to always transport just one person at a time to the crematory. Lighthouse Crematory also requires this from their death care providers and is the only crematory in Maine that does so.

  • Do you notify Social Security of my loved ones death?
    Yes. Social Security is automatically notified when your loved one’s state paperwork is filed.
  • When must I pay for the cremation services?
    Payment is required before cremation takes place.

  • Where is my loved one’s body cared for?
    After your loved one’s death, we care for them at our Care Center located in Gorham, Maine.

  • Is my loved one cremated alone?
    Absolutely! This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Just like how we pledge to only transport one person to the crematory at once Maine Cremation Care and Lighthouse Crematory also pledge only one person will be cremated at a time. 

  • How do I acquire death certificates?
    Maine Cremation Care will automatically file your loved one’s death certificate once all necessary information has been obtained.  We can also acquire certified copies for you which cost $15 each. Alternatively, you may acquire them yourself at the town hall in the municipality your loved one resided or died in.

  • Will you publish an obituary for my loved one?
    Yes. We can submit an obituary composed by your family. If you would like us to compose the obituary for you there will be a charge. The majority of newspapers also have a charge for publishing obituaries. In addition, an obituary may be placed on our website at no additional cost.