1. Following the death of your loved one call or have the facility your loved one is at call us at 207-749-0094

2. As soon as possible we will take your loved one into our care. 

3. One of our funeral directors will setup a time to make the arrangements for your loved one’s cremation. They may be made electronically online, or at a location of your choice such as your home. 

4. During the 48 hour waiting period we will complete all the required State paperwork and prepare your loved one for cremation. 

5. After the state required 48 hour waiting period is complete your loved one’s body will be transported to Brooklawn Crematory in Portland. 

6. Once the cremation process has been completed,  you will be contacted to schedule a time to pick up your loved ones cremains at our business office at 471 Deering Ave., Portland.