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Posted on February 20, 2022 by Maine Cremation Care under Memorial
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Maybe you have been considering planting a memorial garden to commemorate a loved one you recently lost, maybe you’re just looking for ways to deal with your residual grief weeks, months, or years after laying your loved one to rest.  At Maine Cremation Care, we appreciate from our own experiences and those of our clients that grief is a challenge that never completely goes away.  Planting a memorial garden can be the vital next step towards great emotional well-being. Planting a memorial garden, especially if your loved one chose cremation over conventional burial, is a beautiful way to keep your lost loved one present in your life in a positive, healthy fashion. 

Gardening has long been documented as a therapeutic activity that positively affects your well-being. Moreover, both planting new trees and tending plants also aid in mental, physical, and emotional healing, which is why planting a memorial garden will also help you overcome your loss and speed up the healing process. 

If you’re planning on planting a memorial garden but aren’t sure where to start, this post is for you. As you start planting a memorial garden, know that there are no specific design and planning rules. It is a deeply personal place that can be as unique as your lost loved one. But we can surely share a few tips that will help you plant a memorial garden for your loved ones the way you desire. 

Start By Choosing an Area 

Before planting a memorial garden, you need to choose an area for your garden. Know that your memorial garden doesn’t always have to be an oversized garden. It can be something as small as a place where you can grow a single tree, so you need to start by choosing the area depending upon the available space. 

If space allows, plant your tree or memorial garden in a quiet, private space where you can connect with your loved ones without any distraction and find peace. 

Consider Your Loved One’s Favorite Plants 

Once you have finalized the area where you want to plant the garden or the tree, next, you should consider your lost loved one’s favorite flowers or plants. Was your lost loved one more inclined towards lavender or roses? Or were poppy or tulips their favorite flowers?

And if you are not sure about their favorite plants or flowers, you can think in terms of their favorite color or their favorite food because a flower garden is not the only alternative. Was red their favorite color, or did they prefer lighter hues of blue? Did they enjoy eating tomatoes or peppers? If so, you can also consider planting a small vegetable garden. And if you want to take the gardening concept to the next level, and if space allows, you can also vegetable plant a garden that will provide for the family or the community. 

Learn About the Meanings of Plants 

One of the other approaches you can use for planting a memorial garden is to try and find out the meanings of plants. By learning the meanings of specific plants, you can plant trees and flowers that will genuinely allow you to find peace and solitude. For example, think of roses, which are flowers dedicated to a loved one, or yellow tulips that are a symbol of friendship. Similarly, rosemary and the forget-me-not flowers represent remembrance, and peace lilies offer sympathy and peace for those who have been through a recent loss.

Sometimes, learning about the meanings of plants can help you find plants that help you heal from the loss you have experienced. 

Add Décor to Your Memorial Garden 

It might be a good idea to add décor to your memorial garden. You may not always have to add large statues or fountains in your memorial garden, but you can incorporate small pieces of décor that may remind you of your lost loved one. It could be a few things that they loved and cherished. For example, if your loved one loved to paint, you might paint a rock in their style, or if they had a favorite author, you might want to assign with a quote they enjoyed or is meaningful to you.


You should also consider adding further personal touches like wind chimes and lighting to help make the garden feel complete.  The more senses your memorial garden can stimulate, the more fully you can experience it, and in turn, benefit more from the comfort it brings. If it is feasible, also consider adding a water fountain as the sound of moving water has a soothing effect and will help make your garden a more tranquil place. 

Add Some Seating 

As you plant a memorial garden, don’t forget to add some sitting as the bigger idea behind your garden is to stay connected with someone you love. You can place a cozy chair or incorporate a bench where you can sit and feel close to your lost loved one.  

Planting a memorial garden is one of the best ways to ensure that your loved one’s memory lives on for years with you in a way that you can see, smell and feel. 

Maine Cremation Care

If you want to incorporate your loved one’s cremated remains in your garden, please reach out to us.  We can offer you vessels that are suited to outdoor use that can help you to feel more connected to your loved one, and that they are more clearly a part of your daily life.

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